First Teacher Tip Video! – Google Drive

Hello teachers!

PDI’s first ever 4 minute teacher tip video has been posted on YouTube. This is the first of many FREE teacher tips videos that we will be creating to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom in under four minutes. This week, we’re covering how to use Google Drive. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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Happy teaching,

The PDI Team

5 thoughts on “First Teacher Tip Video! – Google Drive

  1. Msolpersson says:

    Short post…finding this blog was like finding a treasure box! Ideal audience = teachers BUT students or anyone trying to get their head around Google Drive will love it!

    Why boast about this blog? Well, they followed mine first and that’s important to acknowledge AND short, sharp, useful teaching videos that actually teach – well that’s worth mentioning!

    Enjoy, follow and thank – online etiquette is important.

    PDI Blog | Online Courses and Free Teacher Resources

    Thanks for following.

    Remember your footprint ( or tattoo) and what does it say about you!!

    Photo taken by KP (family member)


  2. laiaprincep says:

    In the school where I work we started using google drive last year and now i couldn’t work without it! We share everything among us but also with our pupils, it is so easy and helpful! Bye bye emails and dropbox!


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