Using VoiceThread for Collaboration – Teacher Tip

Happy Friday teachers!

This week’s teacher tip video guides you through the steps for creating a VoiceThread. For those of you who aren’t familiar with VoiceThread, it’s an awesome web-based tool that allows you to use media (e.g., images, videos, documents, etc.) to create a presentation. What makes VoiceThread unique is the way it fosters collaboration through the use of text, voice, and video comments.

For example, suppose you created a slideshow presentation using various photos and shared the presentation with your students. Your students can then create an account/identity and comment on a specific slide in the presentation using text, their own voice, or a video recorded from their webcam. Students can also respond to their classmates’ comments, which creates an ongoing dialogue that can be done entirely from their home (or school) computer!

Check out our new 4 minute teacher tip video on how to use VoiceThread below.

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