Using Technology to Teach Thanksgiving

Happy short-school-week teachers!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is worth a thousand lessons. It commemorates a prominent point in U.S. history that all students should learn about. From the historical perspectives of the Native Americans to the perspectives of the Pilgrims, there is a story to tell and a lesson to learn. This is a time to be thankful and an opportunity to engage students in higher order thinking as they explore the 1621 feast in Plymouth, MA.

Below we provide some excellent tech-based resources for teaching and celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Scholastic: Scholastic offers virtual field trips back in time to the Plimoth Plantation where students can learn about the Mayflower, Pilgrim Village, Wampanoag nation, and the first Thanksgiving.
  • What better way to learn about Thanksgiving than to explore the Native American culture? dedicates a section of its site to articles, videos, pictures, and speeches on Native American cultures.
  • Let your students take the role of historian with this Thanksgiving activity! In this interactive activity, students investigate what really happened during the famous 1921 celebration.
  • Education World: In this video roundup, Thanksgiving videos along with their descriptions are listed targeting grade levels from primary to middle school.
  • PrimaryGames: Fun, interactive games for primary grades tailored to the Thanksgiving theme. Students can learn to count by twos with turkeys or solve the Mayflower puzzle.

Have a festive week and happy teaching (gobble gobble),

The PDI Team